Hawaiian Massage Workshops in Hawaii for professionals and non-professionals

 Lomi Lomi and Pohaku Wela Massage Retreat at Kalani March 28- April 6 2015

Malama Your Ohana

  Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy

 Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage 


Malama your Ohana : Lomi Lomi for everybody

No prior massage training required.

An introduction to Hawaiian healing traditions to help you care for yourself, friends and family.  This course is designed to give people with or without prior massage training or experience access to powerful methods of healing and self care to share with their loved ones and maintain optimal health.

You will learn:

Breath of Ha and Kalana Hula:  Daily breath work techniques and movement exercises designed to generate and store mana (power) in the body and use that mana for self healing and treatment for others.

Oli and Pule:  Chants and prayers for calling in assistance and setting the intention for healing and transformation.

Lomi Lomi:  Basic massage techniques to assist with chronic pain and tension in the most commonly affected areas of the body.

Self Lomi:  Self care through massage, stretching and movement to manage chronic conditions and prevent injury and stagnation in your own body.

Breath of Ha and Kalana Hula:  Daily breath work techniques and movement exercises designed to generate and store mana (power) in the body and use that mana for self healing and treatment for others.

Day 1: Massage and self care for head, neck, shoulders and arms to assist with alleviating the symptoms of headaches, TMJ, repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Day 2:  Back of the body for upper, middle and lower back pain, sciatica and foot and calf pain.

Day 3 : Front of the legs, feet and abdomen for digestive, reproductive issues, foot and knee problems.

For 15 years Carrie Rowell has shared her knowledge and experience in Hawaiian Massage with massage professionals and couples and is now offering a course to bring healing back where it started, at home within the family. 

For professional massage therapists this course provides a basic introduction to lomi lomi techniques that can be incorporated into your existing practice, and 12 NCBTMB CE hours of training.  For a more comprehensive course with a thorough full body sequence see our April 12-19 retreat at Kalani approved for 40 NCBTMB hours.

For non-professionals the course is a great way to maintain the health of your family and yourself with these powerful yet simple techniques.  This workshop is ideal for couples, those with chronic pain or those with loved ones with chronic pain.  It is also a great skill to have to prevent issues from becoming chronic by treating the body regularly to the gift of loving touch.

Residential Retreat prices vary based on chosen accommodations.


Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy 


This class is open to Massage Therapists, Doulas and Health Care professionals who want to acquire the skills to help provide comfort to pregnant women.

A gentle but effective massage for the mother to be, nurturing the whole body and targeting the areas most effected by pregnancy. In this workshop students will learn massage techniques appropriate for all stages of pregnancy as well as contraindications.

Day 1 : You will learn massage techniques on mats, chairs and birth balls so that the techniques can be adapted to the needs of the client in any setting. Acupressure points for use in stimulating and augmenting labor, self care and exercises to help prepare the body for birth will also be covered. Contraindications for massage during pregnancy, anatomy and common complaints of pregnancy are covered in this class.

Day 2 : You will learn techniques on massage tables completing a basic full body side-lying massage routine.

Instructor has practiced pregnancy massage for over 15 years and is a DONA certified birth doula with experience in both home and hospital births. She has successfully offered natural labor induction through massage and acupressure for women who otherwise would have been artificially induced.


Residential Lomi Lomi & Pohaku Wela Retreat

March 28-April 6 2015
52 NCBTMB CE hours

Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center


Gain a deeper understanding of the potential for healing, growth and transformation that the Hawaiian teachings offer.  In this immersion workshop you will learn and practice the ancient arts of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Pohaku Wela Hot Stone Massage supported and nurtured in a lush tropical rainforest.

Enjoy 9 nights and 10 days of bodywork, delicious food, field trips and relaxation on the Big Island, which will include a 40-hour certificate in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and a 12-hour certificate in Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage.

You Will Learn:
-The history and philosophy surrounding this work including the practice of ho'oponopono, and it's role in healing.
- Breath and movement exercises to activate your energy potential.
- Basic and advanced Lomi Lomi massage techniques including a full body routine with stretching and range of motion techniques.
- Self-Lomi for honoring and maintaining your own body.

Most importantly you will gain powerful new tools to add to your healing practice in a safe, fun and nurturing environment with cultural activities and field trips to natural wonders including geothermal warm ponds, tide pools for snorkeling, the worlds most active volcano and a local farmers market.  Courses are kept small to ensure maximum individual attention to each student.

This course is only for trained massage professionals and is not suitable for someone without prior training.   This workshop covers a great deal of hands on technique and is designed as continuing education for professional massage therapists.  Earns 52 NCBTMB CE hours, 20 CPD points with the UK’s CThA and Australia’s AAMT and hours are recognized by the board of massage in Canada and Massage New Zealand.

The hours do not count toward the state of Hawaii basic 570 hour requirement for licensing.

You're not going to Hawaii without me!!!

You can also bring a friend, spouse, mother or other guest to enjoy the amenities and other activities at Kalani while you train for a discounted rate. They can even volunteer to be my body for demonstrations during class.  Ask me for pricing details based on your choice of room.

Registration info:
Phone : 808-936-6698
Email : hamoeahealingarts@gmail.com           

Prices: Fees include workshop, excursions, meals, 9 nights accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna. Airfare to Hawaii and transportation to/from kalani is not included you can arrange for Kalani’s shuttle for an additional fee.

Residential prices listed are discounted by $100 for international students.   Commuter/Local rates remains the same.  You can reserve a spot with a non-refundable $500 deposit below.

Registered Students or students who want to pay more than the $500 deposit can use the link below to make payments in installments in the amount of your choice at your leisure.

*Ask about discounted rates to bring a friend or spouse not attending the workshop.


Ocean Cottage

Ocean Loft

Tropical Cottage

Tropical Loft

Tree House


Lodge Room (private bath)

Lodge Room (shared bath)

Shared room










Private room











Kama’aina rate Hawaii residents only (no meals, excursions or lodging)

Both classes March 29-April 5  $950

Kama’aina Lomi Lomi class only March 29-April 3 $695    Hot stone class only April 4-5 $295

Commuter Rate Non- Hawaii residents who want to stay offsite but participate in excursions and have lunch at kalani daily (March 29-April 5) pay $1250 for both courses.  There are only 4 spots available to commuters.


Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage Workshop

12 NCBTMB hours of training.


Hawaiians use all of the elements in nature for healing, earth, air, water, fire, plants and stones.  Students learn the correct placement, handling, safety and contraindications of Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage, as well as where and how to select stones to use in treatment.  A variety of techniques are offered with supervised practice and a chance to perform a full body routine.