Hamoea: Healing the body, heart and mind


A consistently up to date list of workshops and classes offered by Carrie Rowell.



Two to six day workshops available
12-50 NCBTMB CE hours.

Free lectures open to the public on the history and culture that inspired this work and demonstrations of Lomi Lomi often precede a workshop to offer a taste to the public and inspire the curious.

People are always amazed at how fluid the movements are and the way that the therapist uses their hands and forearms giving the feeling that many hands are on the body at once.

Starting in the fall of 2013 Carrie will begin offering short courses open to anyone interested in learning Hawaiian Massage skills to manage chronic pain or work on friends and family with no prior massage training as well as a home study course for students who want to learn at home.

2-day Introduction to Hawaiian Massage is a very basic hands on routine class that is often taught in spas where the focus is a short routine.

3-day Basic Workshop is an introduction to Hawaiian principles and a basic full body routine.

4-day Workshop is an introduction to Hawaiian principles and a full body routine complete with joint mobilization, passive stretching and an extra day of practice.

5-day and longer courses delve deeper into the mysteries of Huna and include advanced massage techniques and tandem lomi. These courses can be customized by spas and resorts to incorporate other aspects of Hawaiian healing into a unique spa treatment. See spa page for details.

All seminars incorporate movement and breath exercises, specific Hawaiian Massage techniques and exercises for self care. The Hawaiian practices of Pule-prayer, Oli-chant and Ho'oponopono-a focus on right thought and action and a process for conflict resolution are an integral part of every course. Longer courses go into more depth on these and other Hawaiian traditions.

Practitioners work on each other and switch partners to learn how to apply the techniques to different body types. Individual attention is given by the instructor so that the students learn how utilize their body mechanics in the most efficient way for them.

By the end of the seminar each person will have a sound understanding of Hawaiian Massage techniques and receive a certificate of completion equaling 18-50 NCBTMB CE hours.

These courses are approved in the UK by the CThA, The Australian AAMT the NCBTMB in the US and the hours are recognized by Massage New Zealand and the Canadian Massage Board.


Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy
12-18 NCBTMB CE hours
Birth Doulas 6-12 DONA Approved CEUs
A gentle but effective massage for the mother to be, nurturing the whole body and targeting the areas most effected by pregnancy. In this workshop students will learn massage techniques appropriate for all stages of pregnancy as well as contraindications. The unique rhythmic movements of Hawaiian massage are particularly suited to pregnant and laboring women.

This massage is especially indicated in pregnancy and labor because of the gentle wave-like motions, which induce a deep state of relaxation. It is also extremely nurturing and easy on the body of the giver, so as not to cause fatigue during long sessions.

You will learn to work on tables, mats and birth balls so that the techniques can be adapted to the needs of the client in any setting. Self-care and exercises to help prepare the body for birth will also be covered. This class is open to Massage Therapists, Doulas, Health care professionals and the partners or friends of pregnant women who want to acquire the skills to help provide them comfort. Techniques are performed that can be used during any stage of pregnancy.

Carrie Rowell has practiced pregnancy massage for over 15 years and is a DONA certified birth doula with experience in both home and hospital births.


Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage
12-18 NCBTMB CE Hours

Traditionally the Hawaiians use all of the elements in nature for healing, earth, air, water, fire, plants and stones. Heated stones are placed on the body to prepare the muscles for massage. Then the stones are used to massage the body with the long rhythmic strokes of lomi lomi for a warm, deep uniquely immersive relaxation experience.

Students learn the correct placement, handling, safety and contraindications of Hawaiian hot stone massage, as well as where and how to select stones to use in treatment. A variety of techniques are offered with supervised practice and a chance to perform a full body routine.