Hamoea: Healing the body, heart and mind

Womens Studies

Workshops for women, by women and about women.

Workshops for Ladies only

Yoni Education

In these classes we explore the knowledge that women have passed on to each other for thousands of years, a tradition that western culture has nearly abandoned. They are taught in a day or weekend workshop or in a weekly or monthly series.

Extended workshops begin with information on anatomy, and the history of women's studies, incorporating movement, breath and sound meditations. Gradually working up to deeper self-exploration, with lots of fun homework :-).

These workshops are of great importance for maintaining the health of the female reproductive system. They are essential preparation for pregnancy and help to regain muscle tone after a birth as well as enhancing pleasure for women and their partners.

Limited to women only, we connect to the power and pleasure gained from learning to isolate and work the internal muscles of the vagina. Incorporating breath, movement and toning exercises we raise and circulate energy throughout the entire body.

Call for a schedule of classes or to request one in your area. Private group and individual training sessions and Birth Doula Services also available CD(DONA).

Facilitated by Carrie Rowell (808)936-6698.