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Massage for Couples

Massage and body work designed specifically for couples.


Sacred Massage For Couples

This workshop is designed especially for couples to enhance their spiritual and physical connection to each other. This class combines Swedish, Hawaiian and other Massage techniques that have been practiced for centuries. The workshop varies in length from a 2.5 hour private intensive up to a full weekend group retreat.

The strokes of the massage are long and fluid, covering the whole body at once and giving the feeling of many hands on the person at one time. The practitioner uses his or her hands, elbows, forearms, knees, shoulders, and whole body with swaying movements in as many combinations as one can imagine. It is as luscious to give, as it is to receive. It is an individual expression of devotion to your partner that is different for everyone.

You will learn breath and movement exercises to help intensify and strengthen your connection with your partner. You will also learn Massage techniques that will use and develop sensitivity in many areas of the body and practice exchanging with your partner. Learning this technique is a wonderful way to honor yourself and your lover in a fun, safe and sacred way.

 No prior massage experience necessary.

 Couples interested in customized private retreats in our fabulous Hawaii location Email me at: hamoeahealingarts@gmail.com